HP ProtectTools Authentication Services

Unauthorised access to your company’s computer systems presents a major threat to security.

Even if you believe that your log-in credentials (username and password) are secure, it is extremely easy to gain access to a computer by using tools available for free on the internet. It is made even easier if the normal user has a weak password.

HP ProtectTools Authentication Services guards against these kinds of attacks by replacing the standard Windows MD5 algorithm with one that has been approved by UK Government or a commercial variant thereof.

Other tools that come with the product include last-login information and auto log-off when you computer has not been used for a set amount of time. This allows you to monitor attempts to access your computer and network, and if there are failed or successful attempts which you do not recognise, you can notify your IT Security Officer.



HP ProtectTools Password Generation System

PGS is installed on workstations to make sure local admin passwords are changed automatically and at regular intervals, as these can be a target spot for hackers as large companies quite often use the same local admin passwords for vast quantities of workstations. The password is created using a hashing algorithm fed with the username, workstation name, date and a shared secret and it can be used with HP ProtectTools Authentication Services or as a standalone product.



HP ProtectTools Enterprise Device Access Manager

Devices such as USB sticks and CDs which can be inserted into the computers on your networks can carry with them serious threats to your IT security. Viruses, Trojans and worms can be uploaded onto your network as soon as someone tries to download the content onto their computer.

Enterprise Devices Access Manager limits who can use removable devices and thus limits this threat.



HP ProtectTools Email Release Manager

When it comes to data breaches, one of the most common ways that businesses have got in trouble for losing sensitive information is through staff accidentally or intentionally sending it out through their email account.

HP ProtectTools Role Based Access

Organisations want to take advantage of different sources to provide services to their end users in the most cost effective manner. Accessing services from a combination of private networks, partner networks, public networks and Cloud, whilst simplifying presentation to the end user is a challenge for IT departments. HP ProtectTools Role Based Access hides the technology complexities whilst providing a consistent end user experience.

HP ProtectTools Multi-Factor Authentication

HP ProtectTools Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides security enhancements to Microsoft operating systems, which forces a combination of passwords and smart cards to be used to gain access to a user’s desktop.

Multi-Factor Authentication ‘chains’ the different authentication factors and navigates the user through each factor. If the user satisfies each of the different authentication factors such as Username/Password and Smart Card/PIN, they will be granted access to their desktop session. If the user fails to satisfy one or more of the authentication factors, access is not granted, and a failure message is presented to the user. Aligned to security best practice, the failure message presented to the user will not indicate which of the authentication factors have failed
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