The Portfolio

The HP ProtectTools portfolio includes:
  • • Authentication Services
  • • Email Release Manager
  • • Enterprise Device Access Manager
  • • Password Generation System
  • • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • • Role Based Access
There are six main products in the HP ProtectTools portfolio, each designed to bolster your IT security at different points across your networks.

You can use them separately or apply the entire range to your PC networks at the same time as they have been designed to work interdependently or as a standalone product.

Want to make the login process more secure? Then try HP ProtectTools Authentication Services, HP ProtectTools Multi-Factor Authentication or HP ProtectTools Password Generation System.

If emails are your main concern then take a look at HP ProtectTools Email Release Manager.

For better control over the devices on your PC systems, HP ProtectTools Enterprise Device Access Manager is the tool for you.

If you are looking to consolidate your hardware and allow users to access multiple domains from a single workstation whilst maintaining the required separation of data across security levels, then HP ProtectTools Role Based Access should be considered.

You can learn more about each of the products in the Products section of the website.