About HP ProtectTools

HP ProtectTools protect your business in two ways; preventing the loss of private data through accident or neglect, and stopping hackers and malicious threats from attacking your systems and causing downtime.

The HP ProtectTools team are based in the UK and have been dedicated to developing the portfolio and acting as the support team for customers. They are constantly working on updates and new versions of the products to keep up with the latest security threats to ensure that your systems are fully protected at all times.

With personal data being used by the corporate and government sectors it is essential that private information is kept secure and within the remit of the business. Flexible working, mobile devices and common passwords have made information security harder to implement but even more important.

HP ProtectTools can mitigate against accidental breaches of the Data Protection Act as well as protecting your PCs and technology devices against hostile attacks from people wanting to get to your data and use it for negative purposes.

Hackers and viruses commonly attack your computer systems through mobile devices such as infected USB sticks and emails. Tools such as Enterprise Device Access Manager guard your networks from these type of threats.

The solutions in the HP ProtectTools portfolio are used by organisations including the UK government, large corporate businesses and national organisations which deal with private data on a day to day basis. They recognise the effectiveness of the HP ProtectTools services in limiting how data can be transferred or who can access data at every level of the PC, including at the log-in stage, through emails, on networks and with removable devices.

You can visit our news section to see which businesses and government organisations have been prosecuted or cautioned by the Information Commissioners Office regarding the loss or release of personal data. Make sure you are not next on the list and bulk up your PC and data security.